Because a Facebook friend asked me to send links to various sample chapters of my books that I have posted – of course, this is six years and nearly as many books, so there are (blush) a lot of them, and scattered over two different websites. In order of publication, and by the book, here they are:

To Truckee’s Trail
Chapter 1 – Preparations and Partings
Chapter 2- The Jumping-Off Place
Chapter 12 – The Very Roof of the Mountains

Adelsverein – The Gathering
Prelude and Chapter 1
Chapter 8 – The Home Place

Adelsverein – The Sowing
I did not post any sample chapters from this book – can’t think why not.

Adelsverein – The Harvesting
Chapter 1 – The Death of Dreams
Chapter 10 – Day of Reckoning

Daughter of Texas
Prelude and Chapter 1 – Across the River
Chapter 4 – Gonzales
Chapter 8 – One Little Cannon
Chapter 11 – A Message from Bexar
Chapter 13 – Following the Army

Deep in the Heart
Chapter 4 – The Ranger from Bexar
Chapter 9 – Forted Up
Chapter 12 – Returns
Chapter 12 – The Last of the Lone Star

The Quivera Trail (A work in progress, est. release November 2013)
Chapter 7 – The Voyage
Chapter 9 – A Sky Full of Stars
Chapter 12 – The Home Place

Note that this may not be all – there may be other sample chapters buried in the blog archive that I could not readily locate. And books changed titles, chapters were reassigned or re-written entirely – so what was posted originally may not conform to the eventual printed version.

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  1. Wow, when you list everything here with links, it proves you’ve really been busy writing.


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