Although all of my books in print are available as eBook (Kindle, Nook and other formats) there are a number which are available as eBooks only through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Only a Paper Star - Cover-Smaller

Cover - Westering Wagons Basic

Westering Wagons and Other Frontier Legends is, like The Heart of Texas, a collection of essays originally posted as blog posts, but the focus is on the frontier generally, and not just Texas. Like the other eBook collections, it is available in Kindle, here, and in Nook, here.

Only a Paper Star is a collection of eight short stories, which for one reason or another were only published on-line. The Kindle edition is here, the Nook edition here.







Cover - Travels With Blondie copy

Cover - The Heart of Texas copy

The Heart of Texas is a collection of essays about persons and events of note in 19th century Texas. I think of it as an expanded footnote to the Trilogy and to Daughter of Texas/Deep in the Heart It is available in Kindle (here) and Nook (here).


Travels With Blondie is a collection of essays and short memoir pieces that were originally blog entries about life in Japan, Europe and in the States when my daughter was a child and teenager. It is also available on Kindle (here) and Nook (Here)