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So, having had my books available as Kindle and Nook editions since the very first that Amazon and B&N made that mode available to authors, I’ve decided to go all in with e-books in general and make them available through Smashwords for all formats. Several other indy authors that I know have recommended it highly, and why limit myself to just the two house-specific formats. Of course, I am  several years late, of course, but I’ve never been famous as an early-adapter… unless it was in joining the Air Force when it wasn’t really the hip thing to do, joining the military … and blogging, before simply everyone got a blog … and then, being an indy author. So upon reconsideration, maybe I’m a kind-of early adapter.

The Kindle/Nook readers are getting to the point of being rather popular. My daughter and my business partner now have them, they’re so popular that they’re for sale at Sam’s Club, for pete’s sake, so I think it’s clear that they’ve arrived. People are even readingbooks on their phones! Well, it saves the trees, and publishers don’t have to have a humongous warehouse any more.

Anyway, I’ve done a Smashwords.com edition of To Truckee’s Trail; my first novel, and still hands-down the best seller. In March and April, I will make The Adelsverein Trilogy, and Daughter of Texas/Deep in the Heart also available in any-e-book format, not just what is available on Amazon and B&N’s proprietary readers.

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