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I did wake up very early Saturday morning, with an anxiety nightmare that it would be pouring rain all day in Goliad, and that I wouldn’t sell a single copy of any of my books … but not to worry: it was overcast all day, but pleasantly shirt-sleeved as to temperature … and there were two awnings set up in the little patio next to the Chamber of Commerce, and this year the organizers had added many more booths and extended them down the block where we were.

I came away with many fewer copies of my books than we arrived with, and my daughter went around and took some pictures of the venders and some of the things that caught her eye (with permission, of course!) and so a lovely but exhausting day was had by all!

Shopping was not the only focus for the day – this is a community event, with live bands, music, good food … and a doggie costume parade.  And Santa, too  –  who arrived riding on the back of a longhorn as is traditional in Goliad.

There was also good food – my daughter brought me two carne asada tacos for lunch, which were stuffed so full of goodness that I didn’t want anything else for the rest of the day. We even gave up on a late lunch/early dinner at the Hanging Tree (where the chicken-fried steak is absolutely fab) when the festivities were all over for the day.

This was something that we rather regretted not buying, especially once I got home and looked at the pictures. The gentleman who does these ornaments also does the most amazing bowls and vases of turned wood – wood that is pieced together so that the different types and colors make a pattern.

There were cute kids and cute dogs; all dressed up for Christmas. I’ve gone and put the rest of the pictures in an album on my Facebook page, but I couldn’t leave out this darling little fella … who was, so his owner told us, only three months old. The cute as a button quotient was exceeded by a factor of ten.

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