The work crew completed the short length of fence with gate across the font of the house last night – and today, my daughter bought six bags of rubber mulch, and rearranged the plants and the patio furniture! This doubles the pleasant living space in the front bedroom, and provides a sheltered outdoor play area for Wee Jamie.

It will also completely confuse anyone making deliveries as to where in the heck the front door is … but oh, well….


  1. Excellent! It looks good.

  2. We’re very pleased with it – that little corner has always been difficult. Nothing much would grow, as it was shaded by the crepe myrtle, and leaves and trash incessantly blew in from the street. So, my daughter and I paved it over, and then I had the notion to have them install a French door. We love the way that it will expand the living area for that little front bedroom.