For some unfathomable reason, my daughter the working real estate agent scored an invite to a very posh event – the official San Antonio bash to announce the Benjamin Moore color of the year. Yes, it was a very post event, held at the very upscale and trendy Hotel Emma, which is an integral part of the Pearl Brewery development.

The honored color is something called Raspberry Blush, which to us looks more like a salmon-orange, a very bright, lively, cheerful color … er, well, the up-to-the-minute trendy and fashionable live for this kind of thing, even those of us old enough to remember the inexplicable fashion for avocado green and harvest gold, which made trendy kitchens of the 1970s so risibly ripe for redecoration as soon as those colors passed out of fashion.

I can’t help thinking that a whole room done in Raspberry Blush would be terribly overwhelming – unless it was something like a small powder room or bathroom, with white porcelain fixtures and neutral tile taking down some of the color impact. Otherwise, I can only see Raspberry Blush in a good-sized room under two circumstances:

As a pop of color contrast in a kitchen; the lower cabinets or kitchen island, with all else save the fabric potholders and kitchen towels being a cool neutral. That would be very pretty, especially if the potholders and towels were in Raspberry Blush. The other way that I could see it would be as trim – the doors, cabinetry, baseboards and cornice – to a room papered in a William Morris pattern, something with a vivid palette and an overall complicated pattern, with a color somewhere in it what would be close to Raspberry Blush – a Victorian-style library, parlor or dining room.

Your thoughts?


  1. I looked it up. It’s a pleasant enough color but I agree it would work better as highlights. Especially in a room that doesn’t get a lot of sun exposure and needs some warming up. My taste is more to reds; my parents’ house has a bathroom with red tile. We did not realize until after we started the project that the reason you see so few red bathrooms is that red is a very unreliable color for tile – a single batch often comes out of the kiln with irregular color distribution! But it looks great.

  2. One of the houses that my parents lived in had reddish-maroon trim tile in the bathroom – most of the tile was plain white, but the reddish-maroon trimmed all the edges. My mom disliked it intensely, as it was an impossible color to match with thinks like towels and bathmats.
    One of the Youtube home renovator series that I watch had a couple renovating a 1920s cottage that had jade green trim tile in the bathroom – and a fortunate find in the shed behind the place was boxes of more jade tile – extras from when the bathroom was first made. So they went ahead and did the bathroom with white tile and jade trim and it looked gorgeous!