It was at Randolph AFB last weekend, the first time in two years that the air show happened, and they were packing in spectators for the air show and the static AC displays. I posted some pictures on my FaceBook profile, which unaccountably have vanished – so, reposted here for your enjoyment.

Part of the air show was a recreation by the CAF of the attack on Pearl Harbor, with convincing pyrotechnics, and I snagged some good pictures with my cellphone. I’d almost want to write another WWII novel, just to make use of one of them for the cover…


  1. I missed that air show this year – maybe next year. A couple of comments on your photos, if I may. The airplane marked Y-B6, labeled as an old trainer, is an old fighter. It’s a P-51 Mustang, one of the best fighters to come out of World War II. The last photo, labeled Two-engine job, is a Douglas A-20 Havoc medium bomber/ground attack aircraft. WWII, and especially the aircraft of the war, has long been an area of interest to me. I look forward to your next book on the subject (or on anything else, for that matter).

  2. Thanks, Roger – I wasn’t really certain about some of the display AC as there was no one around by them, and no handy labels. Most everyone was watching the air show, and I took the pictures as we were leaving.