The San Antonio Zoo is a nice little place laid out on the edge of Breckenridge Park; it looks like many of the original buildings were a WPA project in the late 1930s, and so practically qualify as historic buildings on their own. Some of the older enclosures are pretty small and cramped by modern zoo standards, as set by say – the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park extension. There is a small shell-adorned aquarium with tanks of fishes and aquatic turtles, which was well-lit enough to allow some very nice pictures to be taken. Now the older enclosures seem to house small critters and birds, mostly – but there are some larger landscaped enclosures for elephants, big cats, kangaroos, and the like.


  1. Definitely not an okapi. Possibly an Addra (dama) gazelle – they have a rusty-colored neck with a sort of half-moon shape half way down the front of the neck. I think your oryx may be an addax (white antelope).

    I love going to zoos. Ft. Worth zoo has new baby elephant. So if you are ever up this way, check it out.

    By the by, also love reading your blog.