The tenth Luna City chronical is now available for pre-release order in Kindle, on Amazon – soon to be available in other formats, through Draft2 Digital.


  1. Hurrah! Ordered!

    Off topic – due to the current furor on social media about You Know What, I am considering a tour of the towns in Texas you have mentioned from time to time, to contribute to the local economy. If you have any must-see recommendations I will be drafting a list.

    • Oh, lovely! Definitely Goliad, for certain. A lot of what I have visualized for Luna City is in Goliad. Nearby – Pana Maria, which was settled by Polish immigrants, and has one of the painted churches. They were building a museum-cultural center there, the last we visited. Fredericksburg, for certain – the old Marienkirche is another painted church. Besides Main street and the Pioneer Museum, there is the Museum of the Pacific War there. Sisterdale – barely a bump in the road, but there is a winery there, and there WAS a cute little country store in an old house, opposite the winery. From Google Maps it is still there. Boerne, of course – overrun with yuppie puppies, though, and the Riverside Meat Market, which had the best BBQ around is gone, and nothing to replace. Still a nice town. Lockhart, of course – for BBQ, but to to Black’s – it’s the best. Comfort – the True to the Union monument, of course. There is a nice coffee shop and bookstore – High’s Cafe on High Street, which used to be the main street through town. I’ll think of more ….

  2. Yay for Luna City! Number 10 is ordered.