I started work a couple of weeks ago on a replica of our family heirloom christening dress; the original, which was made in about 1870-1880 was destroyed when my parents’ retirement home burned to the ground in 2003. At that time I promised Mom that I would try to replicate it, as best as I could and in materiel as similar to the original as could be found for a reasonable price.

I wasn’t in much of a hurry to complete this project until this year, as none of my nieces and nephews were of an age to produce another generation, but now that my daughter is about to produce a grandson for me … it became a high priority.

Behold, the project as it progressed, and as it was completed. I still have to finish the little petticoat to go underneath, and a smocked baby bonnet – but the main element is done!


  1. It’s beautiful! You did a wonderful job on the details.

  2. Thanks! There was more lace on the original, and it was of finer quality – but short of spending a fortune – it did come out very well. And considering that it’s only going to be worn every decade or so for a couple of hours, I really couldn’t justify spending any more than I did!