The first of two projects for 2019 – part of the grand Five-Year Plan for improving Stately Hayes Manor is nearly accomplished. That is, the renovation – in one portion down to the very wall studs – of the master bathroom. (The second will be clearing out the garage and installing a new garage door.) This was an utterly bland, undistinguished pair of small rooms, completed in contractor-grade fittings, tile and features sometime in 1985. I most particularly hated the tub and the tile enclosure surrounding it, for the tile seemed to be incapable of ever being scrubbed clean, as the grout between the tiles shot through with mold. The tub finish was also disintegrating. I had refinished it once myself, to cover up a patch where the porcelain had worn through to metal, but even the refinished portions had become incapable of being cleaned. The dressing area was filled across one wall with a vanity and single sink set into a fake stone countertop – also nearly incapable of being cleaned, without being sand-blasted, and a wall-to-wall mirror. Both of these features made the dressing are seem small and cramped.
So, after refinishing the small bathroom last spring, the master bath was on my list; and I began collecting pictures on Pinterest and from other sources, of bathroom spaces which appealed to me and were readily doable: newer and smaller vanity, a walk-in shower with a glass door instead of a tub, and definitely a newer toilet with a more efficient and powerful flush … and as for the rest, a kind of refined country, early 20th century look emerged from the collection of pins and pics. A pattern of tile which went on sale for less than $3.00 a square foot on Wayfair set the colors … and in mid-January I started clearing out what I could. Over January, Neighborhood Handy Guy and his hard-working #1 Minion finished demolishing that which I could not manage myself … and the new elements began going in: anaglypta wallpaper from Wayfair on ceiling, woodwork, bead—board paneling, and floor tile from Lowe’s, a pair of light fixtures from Amazon … all the necessary bits and bobs. The woodwork got painted white, the upper walls blue, to match – and as of this week, it is all but done. I did the painting and wallpaper, NHG and #1 Minion did the rest. Behold the before, during and after!


  1. Looks absolutely Delightful! Sometime this year I’ll have to replace 2 old garage doors. Not fun!

    • It already is delightful – I’ve put in a compartmentalized laundry basket, and a chair to put those clothes on that I want to put on again …I can use the WC and the sink – but the shower … maybe this week!

  2. Perhaps Off-Topic, but.. would it be possible to “direct order” further Luna City books, as was done with 1-3? Myself, I can Kindle, but my mother is of a generation (or the subset) where books are paper and that is that.

    • Sure – I have all of them on hand currently – which ones do you want, and I will send a Paypal invoice.

      • Books Luna City #4 through current/latest, please.

        Thank you.

        • Invoice on the way – I have to collect the Daughter Unit at 0200, so I shall figure out the charges (a discount since that will be be four volumes and shipping – to which address, and do you want a personal note to the recipient?

          • Contact me via Vakkotaur of vivaldi decimal net and I can send details without prying eyes. (Not that I distrust *most* eyes here… but you know how things are.)

      • They have arrived, and were received with gratitude. However I find I might have been mistaken about 1-3. I was under the impression I had previous bought 1-3 and had them sent to my mother, but now she says she will be re-reading the first two and the third isn’t in her collection. I thought I’d even seen all three when I visited.

        I’ve checked my email (including my older gmail account) and haven’t found record of such (odd!). If you have records, would be so kind as to check this? Thank you.

        And if need be, I will of course “fill in the blank” – but I have this suspicion that If I do that without checking, her copy of Luna City 3.1 will mysteriously appear nigh simultaneously since the Universe is is disturb{-ed,-ing} that way.

        • I can’t find any record that you bought any of 1-3 directly through me. I had to enter your email in my paypal invoicing as a new customer. Did you buy them in print from Amazon, maybe?
          Let me know which ones you want – I have them all on hand.

          • Once upon a time you mentioned having either 1-2 or 1-3 available for direct purchase and I took advantage of that and had them signed – you even asked if “Moo” was appropriate (not in this particular case) as I recall.

            But since #3 was either overlooked or “has gone walkabout,” it is that which I seek to complete my mother’s (physical) set. Me? I can do Kindle. Her? Old School, all the way. Thanks.

          • OK – Book 3 will be in the mail to your mum asap. Maybe you had another email addy when you ordered the first three… I dunno. Invoice to follow

          • Aha. My memory is amiss (yeah, yeah, surprise factor: zero. Ox slow) as this shows it was the first two volumes:


        • The only new email is Vivaldi. Checked the other two that I’ve had for… Ages. Any other I’ve had disappeared last century.

  3. Your end result is very nice! Bathroom looks great.

    • It’s even more gorgeous in the real world, since the roomettes are small and I don’t have a wide-angle lens to capture the full effect. Tonight I shall shower in the new enclosure, but oh! Has it been a long haul, getting it done.
      Fortunately, the next big project impacting the interior of the house won’t be attempted for another year. (That is – the floors. Room by room. And maybe the nasty popcorn-textured ceilings.)