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Yes, I have tweaked my website and blog … just a little. I didn’t want it to get stale, and I had begun to think that the previous template was rather … fussy. So, just as I am redecorating and simplifying the interior of my house in some small ways – like getting some long-owned pieces of furniture reupholstered, contemplating new kitchen cabinets, and trying to keep up with general housekeeping (like putting stuff AWAY) so I am doing with my book website. This template is cleaner-looking, and offers the option of rotating headers, which I will take fuller advantage of, as I tweak it some more. I have so many lovely pictures of Texas scenery and places that I have taken over the last few years, I’d like to give them more exposure, rather than once attached to a post and then buried in the archives forever.
I pointed out to my daughter this morning, as we were talking the doggles – that it is twenty years this spring that I rotated back to the States from my last overseas in Korea, and packed up my then-car, my daughter and Dad, and drove to Texas. I didn’t want to essay the whole two-day drive alone, and I didn’t want to buy a house without Dad’s expert advice – so he came with us, and lurked meaningfully in the background of the mercifully brief house hunt … I mean – this was my DAD, the shade-tree auto mechanic par excellence, who had also maintained every house that Mom and Dad had ever lived in, who had bought two houses and built most of their retirement house himself. So Dad came out to Texas with me, and traveled home as soon as I closed on this house, and his advice and support was worth every cent. Of all the houses I looked at, this was the smallest, but in the best location, and the best quality. (Even with telling the realtor that I didn’t even want to set foot on the mat of those houses which had been built by a certain builder whose bad reputation was a legend, nationally.
So – appreciate the renewed website – and in a couple of days, I will have a new chapter … either of The Golden Road, or Sunset and Steel Rails. Depends on which one I feel motivated to work on first, now that the chore of sorting out my income taxes is done.
Yes – I do my income tax early. My accountant loves me for this.

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