A friend sent me some pictures taken at Great Basin National Park visitor center for the Lehmann Cave, on the Utah-Nevada border. The original Absalom Lehman was a wander and gold-miner, who set up a ranch in this remote area and planted extensive orchards. I’ve added the pictures to my photo album, on this page, here.


  1. anna hall (bernheisel)

    Glad to see you pursued your writing…..hope you and daughter are well…zaragoza seems.like a.h undred years ago.

  2. Anna! Long time no see! (or hear!) Yes, I did … and yes, there are times when it does seem like a hundred years ago. Of course, when I think sometimes on some of the other characters there, I wish it was more than a hundred years ago. Pat M. is the only one that I have kept in regular touch with, though – he is a city councilman in Plano, would you believe it!

  3. anna hall (bernheisel)

    . Actually he is the one who gave your information. stay in touch…u have my email im here where bugs bunny makes the turn…alb.