… is now revived in a Kindle edition. I didn’t republish it when I moved from Booklocker to Watercress Press, as it is very short, and composed mainly of blog entries that I wrote about my eccentric family for the blog “Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Brief” over a period of about five years. Those entries were very well received by readers, and so I was begged, over and over again, to make a book out of them. So I did, and then I really got into the swing of it and began writing novels.

There are print copies of Our Grandpa Was an Alien still knocking around – but eBook seems to be the thing at present. So, here it is; the book of which my mother once said, made her and my father seem much more interesting and charming than she thought they really were.


  1. Bought a copy! 🙂

  2. Appreciated! Thanks!