Basically, the same cover … but in German!

So, we’re looking for launch of the e-book version at the beginning of November, and the print version by mid-month. So now I will be internationally-known! So cool…


  1. Please ping me when it comes out — This will shorten by Christmas/Hannukah gift shopping. Thanks and congratulations!

  2. OK – I’ll make pretty much of a sweeping announcement! I am hoping to clean up big-time with all those German-speakers who adored Karl May!

  3. Who did the translation, and how did it happen?

  4. I worked out a profit-sharing deal with Lukas Reck, who is a free-lance translater and comments at He did the translation on spec, for a share of the sales of the German version. If it works out in a big way, he has a nice nest egg and regular income stream, and a good reference for his translating skillz.